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Here on the Advanced Technology Products website you can read detailed information about our products, which are anti-static systems and cleanroom disposables. You can also contact us about problems or ask for a price/request a quote.

Advanced Technology Products approach is based upon understanding customer needs. We have a proven ability to solve problems and provide the technical knowledge and professionalism expected from a leading product and service provider.

You can contact us by fax, phone or email and we will assist you. We currently do not deal outside of Ireland.

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Drying Product in a Cleanroom Environment. December 14th.

Drying is often neglected or under-estimated when planning contamination control strategies or cleaning processes.
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Efficient Cleaning Of Silicon Wafers Using Ultrasonic Technology. December 13th.

The surface contamination of wafers, especially by particle contaminants, has been one of the major problems in the semiconductor industry since its inception.
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Chemical Filtration Strategies For The Control of Airborne Molecular Contamination, Part 3. December 14th.

This final installment will focus on specifying an AMC control system and final considerations for AMC control.
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Business signatures, do you have one? December 5th.

Laura Ricca wrote recently about business signatures. She talked about what should be on a signature, and how firms should have a standardised one thats part of their marketing campaign.
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